Foreign Diploma Evaluation


According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are over 190 recognized systems of education in the world and over 12,000 institutions that provide higher education and professional training. It is no wonder that education evaluation is so important. Institutions and employers will be confused without it and never admit or hire foreign workers.

What does an accurate diploma evaluation require?

The first step is to have the diploma translated. Agencies like Foreign Credits can both translate and evaluate a diploma while others can only do an evaluation. An accurate, certified translation is important because it is the primary document that the evaluator will use in his or her research. Trying to save money on translation often backfires and results in an inaccurate evaluation. In addition, translating academic credentials requires special skills because some credential names do not have a direct translation.

The second step is to have the diploma evaluated. Government agencies, institutions, and employers in the U.S. rely on experts like Foreign Credits to complete this step. Evaluating a diploma requires great knowledge of the U.S. education system as well as sufficient understanding of the foreign education system. The evaluator must do a fair amount of research and follow strict guidelines in order to produce a reliable evaluation.

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